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Our Manual Handling training is refreshingly different than the traditional methods. Our delivery methods are informative, interactive and enjoyable but most importantly make the subject matter easy to understand and therefore have a positive impact on changing behaviours.


Liftright Trainers are experienced in delivering training in a wide expanse of working environments and conditions.

The amount of classroom content is fresh and lively to achieve optimum knowledge retention rates.  Practicing the techniques is key and your Liftright Trainer will not leave site until correct technique and understanding of lifting safely has been achieved by your employees.


Is training effective?

Government research has found little evidence that training focusing primarily on handling techniques is effective in promoting safer working and reducing injuries.



The research also found there is strong evidence that effective reductions in injuries can be achieved by multi-dimensional ergonomics interventions, involving participation of workers and managers, and equipment and / or task redesign, coupled to training that is tailored to suit the person and specific task requirements.  The emphasis in training should be on changing attitudes and behaviour and promoting risk awareness among workers and managers, so that people assess risks and report problems.  This is most likely to be achieved through industry- and task-specific training that is tailored to recipients’ level of knowledge and understanding of the risks. Please put the grey section in italics as this is a quote of the research.



Liftright fully concur with this view and offer a variety of training packages and services which can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.  We take into consideration the number of employees, staff turnover rate, variety of tasks undertaken, employee knowledge base, risk assessment, frequency training is required and company budget.


Manual Handling Training Full or Half day course

We offer full or half day courses.  The number of attendees may range from one-on-one training to 15, dependent upon the nature of your business, complexity of tasks and employee needs.

  • The course will include:
  • Education in Health and Safety at Work
  • Basics in the bodies physiology and anatomy
  • Discussion regarding Manual Handling
  • Review of specific work tasks
  • Practical observations of work tasks
  • Understand how to recognise, avoid and deal with slips, trips & hazards
  • Assist colleagues who are not applying the correct manual handling techniques
  • How to apply the learning to the tasks, at work and at home
  • Training Materials

All our courses are supported with the appropriate training materials and tools.  We can also provide a series of materials to help embed the Liftright message and techniques including Liftright DVDs, booklets and posters.


Refresher Days

These courses are an abridged version of the full courses.  Dependent upon the outcome of Risk Assessments, technique Observation sessions and, the last time the full Manual Handling course was attended will determine when the Refresher Days should be held.


Refresher Days can be held in both the ‘Manual Handling’ course and the ‘Train the Trainer’ course.


Manual Handling courses are taught on a maximum 1:15 basis.

Safety and manual handling training you can trust!

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Liftright is a training company dedicated to manual handling.  Our philosophy is to make Manual Handling training educational and relevant to the tasks of your business.

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