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Technique Observation

Technique Observation session

Technique Observation forms part of the Liftright programme and is designed to assist with the ongoing monitoring, assessing and recording of Liftright manual handling techniques. It is additional to the Liftright Manual Handling course.


A Liftright Trainer will educate your selected staff to conduct Technique Observations and monitor employees lifting habits, both good and bad in their work environment whilst performing their regular tasks and duties. A typical ratio of selected staff per total number of employees is 1:40.


Observations are logged and recorded and a matrix produced evidencing compliance against each manual handling task.


The benefits of the technique Observation are:


To monitor lifting habits and observe employees actual lifting style

Observations can be made real-time as manual handling is happening

Identifies correct and poor lifting techniques, and coach positive techniques.

Provides evidence that employers have shown a duty of care to their employees.

Reduces the costs for external refresher training in Manual Handling.

Records collected are very accurate and reliable.

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